My 5 Favorite Money-Making Apps

My 5 Favorite Money-Making Apps

If your family is anything like my family, then you know just how helpful a little extra cash each month can be. Social work and zookeeping: Though rewarding jobs, they are not known to give the highest payouts! So a while ago I decided to do a little research and see how I can help our budget. After all, we are hoping to buy our first home within the next year! :0

Tails of Life Blog - My 5 Favorite Money-Making Apps

After a few trial and error practice runs, I believe I have narrowed down my 5 favorite ways to make money on-the-side! Most of these are accessed via my phone, but some also have websites that are accessible by computer.

  1. Swagbucks


My Favorite Money-Making Apps

Swagbucks has without doubt been the highest paying website for me to-date. I’ve already cashed out over $40 in Amazon gift cards, which is going toward Christmas and birthday present shopping. Hello free Christmas this year!

One ‘swagpoint’ = 10 cents (at least for the rewards I’ve been cashing out). I’ve had the most success on Swagbucks taking surveys and watching videos. You can earn a maximum of 10 swagpoints per day watching videos (I just start the videos, set my phone down, keep checking back to ensure it is running, and before I know it, I’ve earned 10 cents doing other chores in the house! How easy is that??) Surveys usually payout anywhere between 10-300 points, depending on how long it will take you to complete the survey. Swagbucks also always seems to have some sort of promotional activity going on that allows you to make bonus points, so it is always a fun site to keep checking back on. You also get cash back for shopping at certain online stores, so there’s a little incentive to do some online shopping (as if you needed it…)!


2. InboxDollars


I’ve been using InboxDollars the longest of all of these other sites. Though the payout rate seems to be slower than the others, I’ve had success in similar ways as Swagbucks – through videos and surveys. What is great about InboxDollars is that if you do not qualify for a survey, you get a free spin on a prize wheel, ranging in prizes from instant cash to sweepstakes entries. So not only do you save up points to cash out for rewards, but you could win a sweepstakes too!


3. Shopkick

Shopkick is an app that I have had on my phone for about a year now, and I’ve earned about $10. I know, that does not sound like much, but I also have not been super intent about using it lately. But it is SO easy to earn points, or ‘kicks’! As long as you have location and Bluetooth on on your phone, you can literally get credit for just walking into a store. You don’t have to buy anything. How cool is that? Sometimes, N and I take 30 minutes and just go to the closest store near us, walk in and get points, then scan any items in  that store that also get us points. You get to choose a reward goal in this app (in my case, it’s a $2 Target gift card for 500 kicks) and the app tracks your progress toward that goal.

Another way to earn kicks in this app that some people may not know about – promotional videos! If you check out the ‘products’ menu and scroll through the style books and product books, you will often come across a video that earns you 10 kicks just for watching!


3. iBotta

I never finalize my shopping list for the week without consulting with iBotta first. This is a rebate-type app that lists types of groceries or specific brands of products that they are offering a rebate for this week. If you know you are going to buy it, you can unlock the rebate. Then, once you’ve purchased the item, you scan the barcode and scan your receipt. Voila! Free money! I’m very new to iBotta as well but already have $4.00 in my account (you need minimums depending on what reward you want to cash out for, usually around $20).

Use referral code xeesqfe if you are making an account! Each person who signs up and redeems their first rebate will get $10!


4. Checkout 51

Similar to iBotta, Checkout 51 is a rebate-type app that gives you cash back for purchasing their listed items. They don’t list as many items as iBotta does, but something they do have every week is an ‘unlock your own item’ option where they usually have a produce item that is on my list for that week. You also need $20 minimum to cash out with this app.


5. Slidejoy

Slidejoy is an app that places ads on your lock screen on your phone instead of a picture. It tallies up the amount of times you slide/unlock your phone while these ads are up. Those tallies = points = money.

Talk about easy money!

You know how many times we look at or interact with our phones each day? Why not turn that into money in our pockets! All of these apps and websites may not make you rich overnight, but they certainly give a little extra pocket change at the end of the month to use on things like presents, eating out, or just a little extra money to put toward a house 🙂


What are your favorite money-making/money-saving tactics? Do you use any of these apps? Are there any more websites or apps that are worth mentioning that I should try out?

If you have any questions, as always, comment below! Thanks for reading.


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