10 Must-Have Organization Products

10 Must-Have Organization Products

I love organizing.


Let me just put that out there.

If you are like me and love an organized home, knowing that everything has a place and is in its place – great! A round-up product post of organization products probably makes you feel giddy! If you are normal not so enthused about the actual process of organizing but would like the outcome, then this post is also for you!

Contrary to popular belief, organization really doesn’t take that much effort to get a hold of. It may take some initial commitment and time, but once you’ve got a system down, all the hard work is done! These are some products that I’ve rounded up that have certainly helped to inspire my organization skills and have proven to help keep my new home in tip-top shape!

Oxo Good Grips POP Containers

Can I just say how much I love pop tops?? I have at least 10 in my pantry at the moment of all sizes, holding my bulk food items such as rice, flours, pasta and seeds. They can be used outside of the kitchen, too, for beauty products, pet products, etc.!
Storage Baskets

Who doesn’t love the clean, sharp look of a wooden storage basket? We have many around our house, primarily in our open spaces where any guests would see them (just because we think they look good & functional)! They’re great for holding gloves & scarves in the coat closet, or holding leashes & dog poo bags by the back door.
Mason Jars

I could write a book about the infinite uses of mason jars. Seriously, if you don’t have any, get some. From food storage, craft storage, memory storage (we put sand and shells from our Jamaican honeymoon in one to display), glass jars are so versatile! If you don’t want to spring for new ones, re-use your pasta sauce jars! You can look up tutorials online on how to easily remove the gunky label to get clean glass, and you can even spray paint the lid to get the look you want. The sky’s the limit!
3-Ring Binder

Binders are a great way to keep life de-cluttered and anxiety-free (well, as much as possible). They’re great for keeping track of bills, important dates, important information on your house, family, pets, etc. Don’t forget to add dividers and clips to be ahead of the game!


Notebook or Journal

Have you jumped on the bullet journal bandwagon yet? I admit I have not had time to actually commit to ordering one and starting it out, but I cannot wait to start doing so in the near future! I hear they’re a great way to feel like you have your life in order, much like my use of binders above.


Storage Ottoman

Who doesn’t love something that is cute & functional?! We used to have a simple non-storage ottoman that we used, but then I realized…What were we doing?? That’s so much wasted space! We use ours to put our workout items inside so they’re not cluttering the family room.


Hanging Closet Shelves

If you have a cluttered closet, here is your God send. Our study closet has one of these in it for something that may seem silly – Board games! We are huge board game fans and our collection got a little….out of hand. They fit perfectly within this shelving unit and it’s so easy to put up and take down as needed!


Storage Drawers

If you don’t own a filing cabinet (I highly recommend it!) but you have lots of clutter around the home office, these units come to the rescue. We use one for organizing the various cords and cables that come with all of the appliances and technology we collect over the years. And who knew we would end up with so many USB cords….?


Car Organization Products (3)

Okay, I couldn’t pick just one single organization product for the car. I use 3 regularly and I just had to share them all with you!

Front Seat Pockets

This is a handy little storage “pocket” that you can stuff on the side of your seat between the seat and the middle console. You know, that black hole that seems to swallow all of your pennies and chapstick? This product is a lifesaver!! I use it for my chapstick, spare change and my ID card to get into work. Talk about convenient!

Visor Tissue/CD Holder

I made a small first aid kit that I wanted to keep in my car (which has already come in handy on a few occasions) but I didn’t want it to just lie on the floor to get dirty. It fit perfectly in my middle console…but where would my CDs go?? (Yes, I still use CDs…)

I also found it frustrating to have a box of tissues rolling around somewhere I couldn’t reach when I needed them. Then, I was gifted this wonderful product from my wonderful husband…YES!

Just get it.

Trunk Organization

A life-saver for a pet parent! Our dog Tucker gets carsick, so carrying a type of cleaner and motion sickness medicine (along with water and food if he needs it) were a must. I also like to put his leash in there, as well as a few tote reusable shopping bags for those impromptu shopping trips.


Canvas Storage Bins

Finally, who can really live an organized life without canvas storage bins? Point made.


That’s my magical list! Are there any on the list that you guys cannot live without? Any items NOT on the list that you cannot live without? I’m always open to suggestions on more organization products to add to my home. 😉

Best wishes until next time,



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