40+ Things To Do (That Aren’t Facebook!)

40+ Things To Do (That Aren’t Facebook!)

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Over the past few days, Facebook seems to have become a super toxic environment. All I wanted to do was log in, scroll down my newsfeed and see what my long-distance friends were up to. I’ve been in a sort of a slump lately and was missing everyone hard core! So when every single post that I saw and scrolled past was filled with hatred, I took a step back and thought “…I don’t need this right now!” Even though it was a gusty fall day (Brrrr!) which limited my activities into mostly indoor ones, I was determined to do something at least semi-productive that did not involve Facebook.




Okay, it didn’t even need to be semi-productive, but it at least needed to boost my endorphin levels!

So here I am now, compiling a list of activities anyone could do besides feel like they are wasting their day on social media. Now, this list is obviously geared towards, well, me…but you certainly can tailor it to your own likeness and interests. The point is to just do something that makes you happy! 😀

So without further ado…


    1. Spend time petting an animal
    2. Make an Amazon Wishlist
    3. Bake a pie (my secret tool for a perfect pie every time…)
    4. Make a to-do list for the day
    5. Meal plan for the week
    6. Compile a list of your favorite recipes
    7. Jam out to your favorite tunes!
    8. Write a letter to someone you love (check out this fun stationery right up my alley!)
    9. Go out and photograph your surrounding area (I’m in love with this camera)
    10. Call someone you’ve been meaning to catch up with
    11. Bake chocolate chip cookies
    12. Train your dog a new trick!
    13. Go outside!
    14. Start a bullet journal

  1. Research ways to become more “green”
  2. Draw out plans for that DIY project you’ve always wanted to try
  3. DO the DIY project you’ve always wanted to try!
  4. Make a monthly budget
  5. Organize your pantry & cupboards (my pantry organization staple)
  6. Put fresh smelling sheets on your bed
  7. Cuddle up in a million blankets
  8. Read a book you’ve been meaning to get around to (next one my list – has anyone read it?)
  9. Make yourself a warm cup of cocoa
  10. Dive into that chick flick (best paired with #’s 21 & 23)
  11. Play a musical instrument
  12. Pick up a pencil and draw -or- join in on the adult coloring book fad. This book I just received and I love it!
  13. Plan your Christmas shopping list
  14. Create a Pinterest board of inspirational quotes
  15. Browse new artists and discover some great new music
  16. Try and beat that video game you’ve been putting off (my two go-to games: one & two)
  17. Go to the library & take advantage of great resources
  18. Try a new craft (I’ve always wanted to try rubber stamp making)
  19. Create a Pinterest board of Dream Home Ideas (especially applicable to me right now since we’re closing on a house we just bought a house!!!)
  20. Paint your toenails (my fav color)
  21. Four words: Pint of Ice Cream
  22. Make a homemade face mask
  23. Try that exercise routine you saw on YouTube
  24. Organize your closet
  25. Take online surveys & earn gift cards!
  26. Make a bucket list & choose 1 thing you want to accomplish this year
  27. Take a bubble bath – you deserve it!
  28. Brainstorm your own list of things to do next time you’re bored, rained in, or in a slump!

What would you guys add to this list? What is your favorite pint of ice cream to eat in one sitting? Seen any feel-good movies lately? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments! Much love to you all, and I hope you all feel loved today by those around you.


Until next time,





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