Yard Renovation Part 1: Debris Cleanup & Damage Assessment

Yard Renovation Part 1: Debris Cleanup & Damage Assessment


                                         It’s official folks – we are first time homeowners!!

I don’t know about you, but the two things I found I was focusing on at each and every house we looked at were as follows:

1. The amount of counterspace in the kitchen

2. The potential of the yard

Notice I used the word ‘potential’ in that second one. My goal for a house is to have enough space for a sustainable garden that will provide enough produce for my family during the growing season, to have a small flock of chickens to produce eggs and meat for us & enough space for our dog Tucker to romp around!

(Depending on who you ask, that last one is the most important)

When we first checked out the place with our realtor, it was late fall. So granted, the landscaping isn’t at its prime that time of year anyway, but I could tell there was some work to be done.

There were big weeds overgrown everywhere, a huge pile of rocks and rubble covering the back patio, big holes in the yard and a thick layer of leaves covering the surface. I couldn’t be sure what the actual lawn looked like under all of that, but I assumed that I’d need to pretty much start from scratch and reseed the entire lawn when the spring came around.

Look at that crazy pile of rocks…!

Needless to say, we have work to do!

You may be wondering why we bought the place now. We saw excellent potential! The yard, while in poor shape, was a good size and gets plenty of sunshine for a garden. Just needs a little TLC! The house itself is two stories with a great big “bedroom” upstairs that we will be using as a family & entertainment room. We have all the space we need in the house PLUS a ton of counterspace in the kitchen. Score!

Oh, I should mention that the room we chose as our bedroom just happened to come in a sparkly, bright shade of pink…

We painted over that very quickly.

Anyway! The very day that we signed all the papers, I went over to our new house, stopped by Lowe’s on the way to buy a rake, and got to work cleaning up the yard debris.

My original plan was to build a compost bin once the leaves were raked so I could start building good soil for springtime gardening, but very quickly after starting I realized the debris consisted of not just organic material. There was a lot of trash in that yard! I found everything from astroturf to undereye cream. Yuck! So I went out and bought hefty lawn bags.

Just yesterday, I finally finished bagging all of the piles I made. I totaled about 30 bags of yard debris!

Tucker is enjoying his new freedom in his yard, but as you can see, we really just uncovered dirt and weeds. But luckily I had prepared for the worst!

My next step is either making a dog potty area to have set while we repair the yard later, or to tackle that rock pile, whichever the weather permits. It is mid-January in Colorado, after all. 😉

I’m looking forward to sharing more dramatic before and after shots, but those will come in good time.

Are you making any big changes in your yard or house? I’d love to share in your journey!

Best wishes until next time,


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