Yard Renovation Part 2: Removing a Large Pile of Rocks

Yard Renovation Part 2: Removing a Large Pile of Rocks


Hello, Friends! How’s your winter treating you so far?

Ours here in Southern Colorado has been oddly…mild. Just yesterday we had a high of 73 degrees! I know back home in Washington, they’ve been getting hit pretty hard with snow and ice and more snow…

Even though the mild winter probably means a miserably hot and dry summer, I have been taking advantage of these warmer days to do some more yard work. Remember our last post about our yard plans? If you missed it, you can read it here to get caught up on what we are dealing with here. I’ve decided that step 2 of this renovation process is to remove the GIANT pile of rocks the previous homeowners left us on our back patio. Don’t believe me when I capitalize GIANT? Here’s a picture to prove it…

I took this picture from an elevated porch, so it doesn’t do it justice to how tall and wide the pile of rocks really is.

Since we are still new to living here, N and I have not acquired a ton of garden tools yet. I mean, it’s winter and we’re poor. So why bother right now, right? I began this project when there was still snow on the ground, because I did not want to uncover some nesting insects or other bugs as the days grew warmer. So, I would spend my days off taking off as many rocks as I could carry in my arms and walking them to the sides of our house, where we had some room along the pathways to lay them down. I ultimately just want these rocks gone and taken away, but since I don’t have any biters yet, they’ll have to do on the sides of the house. They’re at least not in the way of our living space there.

Fast forward to about a week ago. I had reduced the pile to the point where I could step over it, and all that was left was a bunch of small rubble-rocks (mostly concrete it seems) and very large, very heavy landscaping rocks under those. We had a very nice Saturday in the 60’s where N and I spent most of the day outdoors. He was busy sledgehammering one of our unwanted concrete slabs (stay tuned for that installment!) and I made the decision that I would finish this rock pile that day. N had gone out to our local home improvement store and graciously bought me a cart, so I wouldn’t have to juggle all of the leftover small rocks (thank goodness!!). By the afternoon, all that was left were a few large rocks, and a few un-strained muscles in my back.

The motivation grew, though, as the rock pile shrunk. Seeing the intact concrete patio underneath kept me pushing through! These last 5 boulders were way too heavy to lift safely, so I resorted to just pushing them to the edge of the patio for now.


I feel so accomplished!!! I moved every single one of those rocks by myself with my own two hands! Now we have a great open (albeit, dirty) patio to set up our patio furniture on to prepare for those summer evenings! I can’t wait!

Now that steps 1 & 2 have been completed for our yard renovation projects, step 3 is to demolish our unwanted cement slabs and fill them with dirt to prepare for a new lawn and garden!

If you have a similar project to mine above, I highly suggest getting a decent cart or wheelbarrow to haul rocks with. It was a HUGE time & muscle saver!

And a nice broom to sweep away all the filthy evidence that your rock pile was even there. 😉

Stay tuned for the next phase!

Until next time,


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