Yard Renovations Part 3: Projects, Projects & MORE Projects! 

Yard Renovations Part 3: Projects, Projects & MORE Projects! 

Hi everybody! Happy first day of spring! My favorite season of them all!!
It’s been a little while, but my reasoning is good, I promise. We’ve been having an incredibly warm end to winter here in southern Colorado, so outside we’ve been! Also, work has been picking up so around, we’ve been busy. But it’s a little chilly outside this afternoon, and tomorrow is my Monday at work, so I should probably crank this out! 😜

So part 3 of our yard renovation is actually parts 3, 4, 5, 6…you get it. With this increase of nice weather, we have taken advantage of it and have been getting so much done!

You probably saw the last post about our renovations (if not, find it here! Don’t worry, I’ll wait.) and saw the huuuge rock pile that I conquered by hand. I’m still proud of that project. I’ve also mentioned the two cement and asphalt slabs left in our yard that we have been slowly chipping away. Well, Nick decided he would come to the rescue and finish that WHOLE project for me so I could move on to other things, as well as save my already painful joints and muscles from any more hurt. I knew I picked him for reason. 😎

One of our good friends in the area let us borrow their sledgehammer, so he has been getting a good workout along with making great progress on this project!

After he demolished the slabs, I took it upon myself to move the chunks out of the way. We have a cement and asphalt recycling place near us but no way to get our load there at the moment. So, just moving them to the side out of the way of the living area was on the list.


Again, the big ones by hand. Nick also saved the day yet again by bringing home a garden cart to move the rubble.

The place where the asphalt used to be is going to be a chicken coop someday, which is why we left a small base of asphalt to build a house on.

The area that we ripped the cement out of will be grass! There’s a huge lack of green in our yard, so I’m really looking forward to that step.

Both areas are empty and cleared of rocks now, so now we wait for those two projects to come to surface. My dad will be visiting us in early May, so I’ll likely be able to start on the chicken coop with him around then! 🐔

With my newly free-of-rocks porch, I have been trying to visualize how I want to decorate and set it up. For now, we have some simple little chairs and table that came with the house we are using outside. Yesterday, Nick helped me hang up our beloved patio lights. He picked up some hooked screws from Lowe’s on his way home and that was it!  Just screw them in, hook them on and wait until it’s dark enough to try them out!

We will probably be keeping our eyes out for another strand.

There’s this awkward open space on the patio looking out towards the yard that I wanted to block off somehow to keep the eating area more enclosed. Nick and I were at home depot yesterday and just happened across a solution! It came in the form of 3 planter box liners, sisal rope, and potting soil. Here’s a quick picture of the hanging herb & greens garden I threw together this morning!

Tailsoflife – Hanging Herb Garden

I’ll post once it’s complete!

My wonderful mother ordered some seeds for me as a housewarming present so I could get back in to gardening this spring. They’ve started coming in this week, and let me tell you, it’s exciting!!!

Tailsoflife – Planning Our Garden

First we got a blueberry and a raspberry plant in the mail. I planted the raspberry in the ground and the blueberry in a pot. No more than a day later, the raspberry plant has been chewed down to the ground by our resident squirrels….! Ugh.

So another impromptu project commenced. This one is decidedly the ugliest thing we’ve built to date. But, it keeps the squirrels out for now. Maybe pops can help think of something a little more aesthetically pleasing…

Tailsoflife – Protecting the Berries

I’m in the process of planning the rest of the garden!

Since the debris and rubble piles are now cleared from the yard, I noticed just how little grass there was to work with. But  in the past two weeks the temperature has stayed above freezing, so the hose came out to start watering! The front yard has very crunchy grass that I’m hoping will make a comeback. I’m pleasantly surprised at a small section of the backyard, though! I see little blades of green popping up! Pretty soon we will aerate and fertilize with horse manure to really get it healthy.

I guess this weekend wasn’t just full of projects…it was full of impromptu projects. Like getting locked out on an afternoon where Nick worked later than normal. That was fun. Sooo as soon as he got home we ran to Lowe’s to make a few copies of the house key. Then I painted them because I like blue things. 😉

Tailsoflife – Color Coding Keys

Oh! I got exciting news from a friend that she’ll be interning at the zoo I work at this summer! So be busy preparing her bedroom for her when she gets here mid-May. Again, another post. 😊
This was quite the scrambled post! Thanks for reading along this far. I’m thinking the next step in our yard reno will be building raised beds (which I’m so excited about)! So stay tuned for that, as well as all the other posts I’ve mentioned in here if I haven’t finished and linked them already.

Here’s a cutie enjoying the sunshine for your time.


Much love! ❤

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